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BEST2SMS.COM is a leading provider of  Bulk SMS messaging services & SMS Gateway  with  coverage  to  99%  Mobile Networks In middle East.

              We offer a secure, dependable, high capacity messaging system. BEST2SMS.COM provides Global SMS Service & Global SMS Gateway. We Also provides various SMS services and other text messaging solutions, focusing on Bulk SMS

              Although MMS is not ready now, it is very important to start creating the client-base and to gather first experiences with this new media Business critical elements.

  1. Fastest way to reach more than ONE MILLION PERSON at the same time & with a click
  2. Saver on the phone bill
  3. Save your numbers in Groups
  4. Send to Multi Numbers with a Click
  5. Sender ID will be Your Name
  6. Get a Report about each number
  7. NO One Can Block Our SMS; It reaches the inbox, although media or info messages were blocked on his mobile, because
    our SMS is real SMS     

English 159 Character ; Arabic 69 Character For Each SMS


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